The Dream Chaser Cataman - Tamarindo Excursions

Preview the 40 foot 2019 Gemini Catamaran that offers shaded seating with free WIFI, Bluetooth to play your favorite music, sunroof to lay out in the sun, 2 bathrooms, and a custom tiki bar with an open bar. The Dream Chaser offers several daily Tamarindo excursions with a morning snorkeling tour, a wonderful sunset cruise or private tours.

Enjoy the photos below of the Dream Chaser or join us on board for a day of Tamarindo sailing & more!


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Dream Chaser Tamarindo Logo
  • 40 foot 2019 Gemini Catamaran

  • 25 Person Capacity

  • 2 Bathrooms

  • Automatic Anchor

  • Gemini Sails

  • Sunroof

  • Upper Deck w/ Safety Rails

  • Comfortable Leather Seating

  • Custom Tiki Bar